Modeling a Barcelona Chair in Blender


In this video tutorial, we will learn how to model a Barcelona Chair by  Guilherme Henrique and CG Masters Channel on YouTube. 

This tutorial includes two parts:

I. Part 1  – Chair Modeling

In this part, we will learn:

 ●  Model a Barcelona chair.

●  What to do before even starting to model.

●  Using a lattice to deform.

●  Using stacked arrays.

» Read more: Chair Modeling

» Download the .blend file: Barcelona Chair 

II. Part 2 – Chair Materials

Barcelona Chair

In this part, we will learn:

● Sculpting Details

● Creating a Procedural Leather Shader

● Build a Metal Shader using photographic elements

● Setting up a lighting scheme

● Rendering

» Read more: Chair Materials

» Download the final .blend file: Barcelona Chair Final


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