How to model a Lego piece in Blender 2.77


Step 4: This is the Compositing scene in default


We will change from the UV/Image Editor to the 3D View Editor and change from Solid Viewport to Render Viewport.


Step 5: In the Node Editor area, you click on the Shader nodes (item 1) and select material you want to edit (item 2)


Step 6: Change the color in the Diffuse BSDF Shader Node from white to green by clicking on the color white and select the color green from the color wheel.


Step 7: Press Shift + A » Shader » Mix Shader to create a Mix Shader node.


Step 8: Left click on the Mix Shader Node and hold mouse, then drag the node to the straight which links between the Diffuse BSDF Node and Material Output and drop it.


Step 9: Press Shift + A » Shader » Glossy BSDF to create a Glossy BSDF node.


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