How to model a Lego piece in Blender 2.77


Step 17: Select Union option in the Operation list » Select “Sphere.00x” in the Object list » Click Apply to apply configuration of the Boolean Modifier. And we have a lego piece.


Step 18: Delete the “Sphere.00x” object.

Step 19: Select the Lego piece » Select Smooth to smooth out the piece.


Step 20: The top of the Lego piece is not smooth. So, we use the Modifiers Tool » Select Edge Split Modifier in the Add Modifier list to make the piece smooth.


Step 21: You can reduce the height of the Lego piece by selecting the bottom edges of the Lego piece and move them to a higher position in the Edit Mode.



Step 1: First, you need to switch to the Object Mode » Switch from Blender Render to Cycles Render » Select the lamp in the scene » In the Lamp area, select Sun » Click on the Use nodes button in the Nodes area » Set Strength is 3.


Step 2: Select the Lego piece » In the Surface area, click on the Use Nodes button to start editing the Lego material.material-blender-2-77

Step 3: Switch to the Compositing screen.


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