How to model a Lego piece in Blender 2.77

Lego is one of the best toys ever. And in this tutorial, we will learn how to model a Lego piece in Blender 2.77 step by step. Let’s see how it works.


Step 1: Add a new cube by pressing Shift + A » Mesh » Cube

Step 2: Switch to the Edit Mode by pressing Tab » Switch to Face Select Mode


Step 3: Select the bottom face of the cube » Press Delete/Del » Select Faces to delete the selected face.


Step 4: Press A to select all objects in this scene » Switch to Edge Select Mode » Press Ctrl + B, then scroll up 4 times using Mouse Wheel and move the mouse to smooth edges of the cube.


Step 5: Switch to Object Mode. Press Shift + A » Mesh » UV Sphere to add a new sphere.


Step 6: Enter Numpad 5 to switch from the Perspective View Mode to Orthographic View Mode.

Step 7: Press Numpad 1 to view the front of the sphere »  Hit Tab to switch to Edit Mode » Switch to Face Select Mode. Then switch to Wireframe Viewport by pressing Z.


Step 8: Press A to deselect the faces of the sphere » Select faces belong to the bottom half of the sphere


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