Duplicate A Shape around A Circle using Array Modifier in Blender 2.78

In this tutorial, we will learn how to duplicate a shape around a circle using Array Modifier in Blender 2.78. Let’s see how it can be done.


Key Steps:

Step 1: First, make sure that you move the cursor to the origin of the scene. If not, press Shift + C to do it.


Step 2: Press Shift + A » Empty  » Plain Axes to create an Empty


Step 3: Press Shif + A » Mesh » Cube to add a new cube



Step 4: Move the cube along the Z-axis/X-axis/Y-axis


Step 5: Move the pivot point of the cube from the center of the cube to the origin of the scene by selecting the cube » In the Tool Shelf Region » Set Origin » Origin to 3D Cursor

Note: Press T if you don’t see the Tool Shelf Region.


Step 6: In the Properties Editor, select Modifiers (item 1) » Select Array Modifier in the Add Modifier list (item 2) » Set Count = 12 (item 3) » Tick the Constant Offset Option (item 4) » Deselect the Relative Offset (item 5) » Tick the Object Offset and select Empty in the Object list below (item 6).


Step 7: Select the Empty » Press » Press Z and move the mouse to rotate the Empty around the Z-axis , you will see cubes move around the “Empty”.


Set the Z-value of the Empty in the Rotation Region is 30°, you will duplicate a cube around a circle:


Note: If you set the Z-value of the Empty in the Rotation Region is 15º, you need to set the Count value in the Array Modifier is 24.

Similarly, if you set the Z-value of the Empty in the Rotation Region is 60º, you need to set the Count value in the Array Modifier is 6.

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